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The Power Pair: Simplifying Paper Conversion & Reassociation with SSI

What if there was an easier way to not just automate remittances, but also to accelerate deposits and substantially reduce days in A/R?

That’s where SSI’s paper conversion and reassociation solutions come in. What was once a daunting task becomes a streamlined process, teeming with accuracy, efficiency, and savings.

Join our latest webinar to learn how SSI’s power pair of paper conversion and reassociation solutions works, why it is so transformative, and the specific advantages your organization stands to gain. Register now to explore a more efficient way forward.

Claim edits mastery: Leveraging best edits and best practices to expedite payments

Although often overlooked, claim edits play a critical role in thwarting denials and accelerating payments. Your ability to efficiently manage and promptly correct edits, has substantial implications on your cash flow. Enhance your understanding of claim edits, best practices, and how SSI’s platform, team, and processes contribute to superior results.

Epic Billing Made Easy: Why SSI is the Claims and Clearinghouse Solution of Choice for Hospitals and Health Systems

As a trusted industry leader with 900 Epic clients, SSI makes Epic billing as easy as possible, so you don’t ever have to leave your Epic environment! If you’re an Epic client looking for a reliable and hassle-free claims and clearinghouse partner for your hospital or health system, this is a must-see webinar for you. Join Tracey Tillman, Director of Product Management at SSI, in an engaging webinar where she will take you on a journey of our seamless integration with Epic.

Solving the Prior Authorization Dilemma: How Michigan Led the Way and What's Next

Discover how Michigan is revolutionizing the prior authorization process in healthcare. With a staggering 94% of Michigan physicians reporting that prior authorizations delay patient care, a consortium of patients, providers, and associations in Michigan banded together to solve the prior authorization dilemma, forming the Health Can’t Wait coalition. Our expert panelists, who are part of the coalition, will discuss the genesis of the conversation around the need for reform, the key stakeholders involved and their stances, and the critical success metrics that drove the proposed and approved legislation.

SSI Prior Authorization Game-Changer: Demo and Expert Q&A for Hospital Enterprise Solution

Upcoming CMS regulations will require you to be up and running with an electronic solution before the 2026 deadline in order to be eligible for incentive payments. Get ahead of the game by automating your system now with SSI Prior Authorization. See why it’s a game-changer.