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SSI Solution Spotlight: Access Director

Set the tone for a strong revenue cycle and positive patient experience with sophisticated access management tools that integrate with your existing hospital systems. SSI’s access management platform, Access Director, helps relieve the burden of complicated registration and collections processes, allowing front-line staff to focus on patients rather than policies. In this session, you’ll learn how health systems use Access Director to reduce registration errors, maximize collections, and squash their main sources of revenue leakage.

Best Practices to Ensure Claims Integrity & Reduce Denials

During HFMA’s recent Revenue Cycle and Price Transparency conference, SSI’s Lori Brocato (Vice President, Product Management) and Kaylee House (Analytics Product Leader) presented this session focusing on using HFMA’s Map Keys and other best practices to identify, manage, and prevent denials and rejections. They also review denial trends as well as the best ways to workflow claims with denials.

Leveraging Technology & Best Practices to Prevent Medical Debt

During HFMA’s recent Revenue Cycle and Price Transparency conference, SSI’s Nick Davis (Vice President, Product Management – Patient Access Solutions) and Elizabeth Brightman (Senior Product Manager) presented this session focusing on using HFMA’s Patient Friendly Billing® principles and other consumerism-related best practices to leverage technology to measure, manage, and prevent medical debt. They also review patient financial engagement trends as well as discuss how patient satisfaction relates to collecting patient out of pocket costs.

SSI Solution Spotlight: Claims Analytics

SSI Claims Analytics allows clients to analyze their claim and remit data in a single location. With KPIs and trend analyses, users can easily identify areas of opportunity and drill down into the specific claims and/or remits that make up this story. In this session, we will specifically discuss KPIs, denials, our predictive model and configuration. “You can’t manage what you aren’t measuring” and Analytics allows users to measure specific metrics that can lead to process improvement and increased revenue.

The Secret to RAF Score Accuracy: Your Revenue Cycle Process and HCC Coding Edits

How do top-performing health systems improve their RAF scores? By connecting revenue cycle and population health management efforts. In this session, Bobby von Bremen (VP of Sales and Marketing, RCxRules and SSI partner) and Lori Brocato (Director of Product Management, SSI) team up to share how the proven fee-for-service coder review process can be leveraged, along with highly customized HCC coding edits, to ensure complete and accurate HCC coding capture.

Price Transparency – A Focus on Compliance

Q&A session to discuss price transparency and regulation compliance. Do not miss this live webinar opportunity to understand your obligation as a healthcare provider and how SSI’s Estimation Solution can help you achieve compliance and avoid looming fines and other potential penalties.

Managing through COVID-19 with SSI Data Solutions: Analytics and Enterprise Reporting Enhancements

With the recent impact of COVID-19 on hospital operations, it is more important than ever for revenue cycle professionals to proactively manage and predict cash flow. This webinar will provide insight into SSI’s predictive modeling on the financial impact of COVID-19, reporting options specific to COVID-19 and telemedicine, along with insights and best practices on how to use these reports effectively.

Price Transparency – A focus on compliance but with patient satisfaction and cash collections in sight

Currently scheduled to go into effect in January 2021, CMS’ price transparency rule will require hospitals to disclose price information for procedures and services to consumers. This webinar provides the latest regulatory updates along with discussion on how SSI can help your hospital comply with these regulations and increase patient satisfaction along the way.

Balancing the Scales: Leveraging Analytics to Create Contracts that Win for Health Plans and Providers

Most providers, and many health plans, dread coming to the negotiation table for their contracts – they both see it as an unbalanced scale with each side trying whatever they can to tip it in their own favor. This outlook often favors passion over reason, which can lead to frustration throughout the negotiation process.