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Epic Billing Made Easy: Why SSI is the Claims and Clearinghouse Solution of Choice for Hospitals and Health Systems

As a trusted industry leader with 900 Epic clients, SSI makes Epic billing as easy as possible, so you don’t ever have to leave your Epic environment! If you’re an Epic client looking for a reliable and hassle-free claims and clearinghouse partner for your hospital or health system, this is a must-see webinar for you. Join Tracey Tillman, Director of Product Management at SSI, in an engaging webinar where she will take you on a journey of our seamless integration with Epic.

Solving the Prior Authorization Dilemma: How Michigan Led the Way and What's Next

Discover how Michigan is revolutionizing the prior authorization process in healthcare. With a staggering 94% of Michigan physicians reporting that prior authorizations delay patient care, a consortium of patients, providers, and associations in Michigan banded together to solve the prior authorization dilemma, forming the Health Can’t Wait coalition. Our expert panelists, who are part of the coalition, will discuss the genesis of the conversation around the need for reform, the key stakeholders involved and their stances, and the critical success metrics that drove the proposed and approved legislation.

SSI Prior Authorization Game-Changer: Demo and Expert Q&A for Hospital Enterprise Solution

Upcoming CMS regulations will require you to be up and running with an electronic solution before the 2026 deadline in order to be eligible for incentive payments. Get ahead of the game by automating your system now with SSI Prior Authorization. See why it’s a game-changer.

Reboot Your Revenue Cycle with Prior Authorization Automation [HFMA Webinar]

This webinar breaks down the real-world benefits of automated prior authorization for your staff, your revenue cycle and your patients. Learn what stopgap tactics can help, why automation is the obvious next step, and how it addresses major hurdles in prior authorization — from determining whether authorization is required to maintaining a clear view of request statuses. You’ll also gain insights into what to look for in a solution and how to overcome resistance to change.

Streamline Your Claims Management Process with Epic & SSI Integrations

Are you a hospital or health system using Epic as your system of record? You won’t want to miss this webinar specifically tailored to highlight how SSI streamlines the Epic claims management process.

Denial Reduction via Benefit Management - Revenue Cycle Focus

Patient benefit-related denials can cost an organization millions of dollars per year if not managed properly.  Technology, processes, and procedures play a critical role in reducing these denials.  However, they can not be viewed in isolation, but rather from a holistic perspective, bridging the gap between Patient Access and Claims Management to create full revenue cycle initiative.  This webinar will highlight these issues, and we will hear from one acute care facility about how they managed their fight against patient-related benefit denials.

Best Practices to Ensure Claims Integrity & Reduce Denials

During HFMA’s recent Revenue Cycle and Price Transparency conference, SSI’s Lori Brocato (Vice President, Product Management) and Kaylee House (Analytics Product Leader) presented this session focusing on using HFMA’s Map Keys and other best practices to identify, manage, and prevent denials and rejections. They also review denial trends as well as the best ways to workflow claims with denials.

Leveraging Technology & Best Practices to Prevent Medical Debt

During HFMA’s recent Revenue Cycle and Price Transparency conference, SSI’s Nick Davis (Vice President, Product Management – Patient Access Solutions) and Elizabeth Brightman (Senior Product Manager) presented this session focusing on using HFMA’s Patient Friendly Billing® principles and other consumerism-related best practices to leverage technology to measure, manage, and prevent medical debt. They also review patient financial engagement trends as well as discuss how patient satisfaction relates to collecting patient out of pocket costs.

Balancing the Scales: Leveraging Analytics to Create Contracts that Win for Health Plans and Providers

Most providers, and many health plans, dread coming to the negotiation table for their contracts – they both see it as an unbalanced scale with each side trying whatever they can to tip it in their own favor. This outlook often favors passion over reason, which can lead to frustration throughout the negotiation process.