Solving the Prior Authorization Dilemma: How Michigan Led the Way and What’s Next

Join us for an informative webinar to discover how Michigan is revolutionizing the prior authorization process in healthcare. With a staggering 94% of Michigan physicians reporting that prior authorizations delay patient care, a consortium of patients, providers, and associations in Michigan banded together to solve the prior authorization dilemma, forming the Health Can’t Wait coalition. Our expert panelists, who are part of the coalition, will discuss the genesis of the conversation around the need for reform, the key stakeholders involved and their stances, and the critical success metrics that drove the proposed and approved legislation.

Reboot Your Revenue Cycle with Automated Prior Authorization [HFMA Webinar]

This webinar breaks down the real-world benefits of automated prior authorization for your staff, your revenue cycle and your patients. Learn what stopgap tactics can help, why automation is the obvious next step, and how it addresses major hurdles in prior authorization — from determining whether authorization is required to maintaining a clear view of request statuses. You’ll also gain insights into what to look for in a solution.