SSI Prior Authorization Game-Changer: Demo and Expert Q&A for Hospital Enterprise Solution [On-demand Webinar]

​The path to quicker, more accurate prior authorizations + ask the experts!

Upcoming CMS regulations will require you to be up and running with an electronic solution before the 2026 deadline in order to be eligible for incentive payments. Get ahead of the game by automating your system now.

Discover the benefits of SSI PA, an enterprise-wide solution with 700+ real-time payer connections for all medical benefits, including infusion, physical, occupational, and speech therapies, and more.

Join David Mistkawi, VP of Access Management Solutions, and Tyler Wince, CPO of Myndshft for a demo and expert Q&A. Learn how SSI can reduce the complexity, costs, and time spent on prior authorizations for your organization.


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