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SSI Wins Oracle Cerner 2022 Collaboration Award

SSI is pleased to announce that we were named the 2022 Collaboration Award Winner at the recent Oracle Cerner Health Conference. This award recognizes a partner who demonstrates strong cooperation and a commitment to meet client expectations…

Infographic: Get Out of the Denial Danger Zone

With claim denials on the rise and nearing the “danger zone” at many hospitals, it’s important to leverage all the tools available to help you identify, manage, and ultimately prevent as many denials as possible. This infographic explores the impact and cost of denials, along with a smarter strategy for how to win at denial management.

What’s Top-of-Mind for Revenue Cycle Leaders in 2022

After attending the most popular healthcare and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) conferences of the year, including HIMSS, Becker’s, and HFMA, we have gleaned several key insights. Here’s a quick mid-year recap of the five most talked about issues.

Above and Beyond at HFMA 2022. Say Hi to SSI!

With the premier event for healthcare finance, the 2022 HFMA Annual Conference, right around the corner, there will be plenty of opportunities to glean insights from experts and talk shop with industry leaders. This year’s conference theme is Above and Beyond, as it relates to the Cost-Effectiveness of Health initiative. Discover how SSI is uniquely aligned with this theme.

The Five Most Common Types of Medical Claim Denials [SSI Claims Denial Management Series: Part 2 of 3]

Medical claim denials are a constant headache that negatively affects hospital and health provider revenue, cash flow, and operational efficiency. Fortunately, we can avoid many denied claims with the right expertise and processes. While it’s impossible to eliminate denials 100%, improving your understanding of and preparation for the most common types can help eliminate the chance of them ever occurring in the first place and substantially impact your bottom line. Let’s take a look at the top five types of denials in healthcare starting with eligibility-related denials.