Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization Software Benefits Patients and Providers

Join us as we look at prior authorization (PA). We examine how much time providers spend on PA requests; how patients seeking treatment for opioid addiction may be hindered when obtaining PA for medication-assisted treatment (MAT); and how prior authorization software can improve the healthcare revenue cycle.

Electronic Prior Authorization Software Improves Revenue Cycle

Prior authorization is the name given to the process of establishing medical necessity for medical services, prescription medication, or medical equipment. Insurers require this approval prior to the patient obtaining services, except in emergency situations. Learn how technology can be used to streamline this process to help improve the revenue cycle processes.

Patient Access Management Challenges, News, and Progress

From providing hospital pricing transparency to patient collections to revenue cycle management and patient access to information, hospitals are currently facing an array of access management challenges. Join us as we explore the current news and updates about patient access management.