The Five Most Common Types of Medical Claim Denials [SSI Claims Denial Management Series: Part 2 of 3]

Medical claim denials are a constant headache that negatively affects hospital and health provider revenue, cash flow, and operational efficiency. Fortunately, we can avoid many denied claims with the right expertise and processes. While it’s impossible to eliminate denials 100%, improving your understanding of and preparation for the most common types can help eliminate the chance of them ever occurring in the first place and substantially impact your bottom line. Let’s take a look at the top five types of denials in healthcare starting with eligibility-related denials.

Two Critical Revenue Cycle KPIs Your Organization Needs to Watch to Prevent Healthcare Denials [SSI Claims Denial Management Series: Part 1 of 3]

Stopping denials from happening altogether, on the front end of your revenue cycle, is a much better strategy than managing denials on the back end. Recent research shows hospital claim denial rates are nearing the “danger zone,” with average denial rates increasing over the past few years to between 6% and 13%. This blog post addresses the latest industry insights about these types of healthcare denials plus offers denial prevention strategies.