Streamline Your Epic Claims Management Process with SSI Integrations

[On-Demand Webinar]

The SSI Group, LLC (SSI) invites all hospitals and health systems that run Epic as their HIS to watch this on-demand webinar specifically tailored to highlight the available integrations between our systems.

In pursuing a frictionless revenue cycle, the ability to work medical claims directly within your Epic system is vital. SSI has the capability to send claim edits and receive EDI transactions (275, 276/277) bi-directionally with your Epic system, and push 835s to it as well. Come explore how to simplify your process, reduce time to payment, and make it all a snap for your RCM team. Tracey Tillman, Director of Product Management at SSI, will be presenting.

Starting with a brief overview of the SSI Epic Claims Director and then focusing on the premier features of Rapid Retest, Epic Attachments, and Payer Status Query, this webinar is a must for all hospitals and health systems using Epic as their system of record.

Highlights of the webinar will include:

  • Epic Claims Director
  • Rapid Retest
  • Epic Attachments
  • Payer Status Query


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