The Personal Factor in Support for Revenue Cycle Software

When it comes to support for revenue cycle software and HIT solutions, how often can you expect a quick answer from a friendly, U.S.-based support representative?  SSI’s Vice President of Client Services, Brian DeWeese, is proud to lead a team that offers top support to client health systems. He’s been with The SSI Group’s family of employees and clients for 23 years, starting as a support representative. We interviewed DeWeese to learn about SSI’s industry success with a “family” approach to support.

support for revenue cycle software

Brian DeWeese leads a team known throughout the industry for their high touch client support

Diver Platform, an analytics and data management company, conducted a survey with HIMSS Analytics on the state of revenue cycle management (RCM). Among the findings of the survey: 68.9% of healthcare organizations use more than one vendor solution for RCM, and those organizations that do use more than one solution report larger issues with denials. To tackle this, Mr. DeWeese explains below that SSI’s software works seamlessly within large HIT systems like Cerner, MediTech and Epic, and support specialists actually help decrease denial issues and denials themselves.

“Dealing with people is my strength,” said DeWeese – a strength he quickly discovered as he began working at SSI, not long after graduating with a business and marketing degree. Twenty three years later, he’s drawn on those skills to make a difference in the marketplace. “At SSI… we are in a very competitive environment, but I can control the customer experience,” explained DeWeese.

Online ticketing is a primary part of the support system for technology users, especially at SSI. DeWeese explains that “We have an online ticket portal—SSRs or system support requests. It’s great because our clients can include attachments.”  The system has been operational for about seven years.

After submitting a ticket, some clients like to get live assistance from the knowledgeable support team.  DeWeese points out that:

  • There are specialists for different systems, including Epic, Cerner, Meditech and others.
  • 100% of the time callers go to a live voice—they are NEVER sent to a hold queue.
  • The average tenure of client service managers (for specific software modules in access, claims, and financial management) is 12 years, a fact he is particularly proud of.
  • The average client has remained with SSI for 10 or more years.
  • During implementation, some customization is included. After implementation, changes required by insurance providers will be made, and Brian and team will review and discuss other needs going forward.
  • SSI is “like family,” full of individuals with a get-it-done attitude.

On that last point, we asked him to elaborate. DeWeese explains, “We’re that big family with the familiarity that comes with it. You can just say what needs to be done like you would to a sister or a brother; you don’t have to worry about going up the chain. And it doesn’t hurt that there are regular appreciation lunches, ice cream socials, you name it. Our CEO is a bit of a father figure—he takes care of us. We work hard but we play hard too.”

Support, along with product development, is a major factor in SSI being listed as a top revenue cycle management software vendor by Black Book Research  (#5 out of 20 for 2018 end-to-end RCM software & technology, hospitals under 100 beds).

For SSI clients, this translates into a support team that is accustomed to:

  • Working quickly and being nimble:  “We know just who to go to for tougher client problems and can walk just down the hall and get it done, unlike larger companies with layers of management in different cities.”
  • Focusing on client needs:  On a bi-weekly basis we talk through unresolved issues and clients that need a little extra support. Thankfully, that list is small. We care about our clients and it shows.

And DeWeese and team regularly hear back from customers with high compliments for service, all the time. Here are a couple of recent comments:

From a Configuration Analyst with a large partner:

“ I reached out to see if there were any surveys I can fill out about my SSI support experience. As your staff has always gone above and beyond with helping out with every SSR ticket I’ve logged.  Every SSI representative I’ve worked with has been nothing but kind, professional, patient, positive uplifting spirit and overall awesome with providing knowledge of any/all SSI issues we’ve encountered. Along with providing information on how those issues were resolved, so that I may relay information to the client/end-users for future knowledge.  Once again, I just want to say thank you to you and your staff for always going above and beyond. I really appreciate all that your team does.”

From a hospital client:

“I am the Director of Business Office Support for a multi facility organization. My experience has been outstanding with SSI customer/client services. My Client Service Manager knows the history of our relationship with SSI and is able to provide knowledgeable responses to any given issue that arises. We have a very complex environment and SSI always accommodates our requests with ease. SSI and their team are excellent business partners and go above and beyond to help us navigate to the best solution. They are engaging on special projects and partner with us to make our business successful and work with us to attain our goals.”  — Paula M. Lalor |Director, PFS- Business Office Support, Community Health Systems

About the major industry players, DeWeese notes that, “We have formed strong relationships with the larger Hospital Information Systems. We have a partnership with Cerner and work closely with Epic. Meditech is also a major focus in our support group, among other systems.” And the best thing for RCM results?  “We can edit to increase your clean claim rate in collaboration with these systems. We have support reps that specialize in Epic and Cerner and know the integration and touch points.”

DeWeese notes that there are about 400 total employees at SSI, 300 in the Mobile, Alabama headquarters—a size that helps keep the company nimble.  He likes that “we can physically walk to the manager’s office and tell them what we need to do.  It’s a blessing that we can work on customizations to make the client happy. We ask them, ‘What do you like and what do you want to change to meet your specific business needs?’” With revenue cycle software, it comes down to data and DeWeese explains that, “data manipulation is easier working with our company.”

In the end, the responsive, team-oriented solutions translate to easier customer service when working with SSI. Brian DeWeese’s long, successful career in support for revenue cycle software proves it. You can contact support at any time via our Client Portal.