Patient Mobile Payments

A superior text messaging patient payment solution that improves time to payment.

Meet patients where they are most often, reducing the time, energy, and costs it takes to make and receive medical bill payments.

41% in 48 Hours

41% of medical billing payments are made within the first 48 hours

80% in 14 Days

80% of medical billing payments are made within the first 14 days

1-Touch Payments

1-touch medical billing payments directly from the patient’s phone

No Credit Card Changes

No need to change your credit card merchant services

Seamless Integration

Integrates with every major payment merchant system

Easy Access

No app to download, online portal, or paper statement to reference


choice for patient payment method


reduction in call center volume & staffing


of patients pay in full


reduction in paper statements

How SSI Patient Mobile Payments Works

Facilitating engagement and payment, patients receive a text notification when a payment is due.

The patient visits the link in the text to view costs and services.

The patient uses a simple UI to complete a digital transaction.

The patient immediately receives a digital receipt and payment posts to the provider’s account.

SSI Mobile Payments Advantages

Superior Patient Payment Experience

  • Simplified billing and payment solutions
  • 1-touch payments directly through mobile devices
  • Simple, secure, and frictionless
How It Works

Mobile Payments strips away all the roadblocks between receiving and paying a bill. Patients can make 1-touch payments directly from their phone, and there is no app to download, no portal to log into, and no paper statement to reference. Instead, the Mobile Payments medical billing solution provides a simple, secure, and frictionless mobile-first solution that meets the needs of today’s patients.

Immediate Operational Improvement

  • A vendor-agnostic solution that easily integrates with RCM and payment systems
  • No interruptions to your current workflow
  • No software to use or human intervention required
How It Works

The Mobile Payments solution is simple to implement and is system agnostic, integrating with every major revenue cycle and payment merchant system. There is no interruption of your current workflow, and the implementation of the Mobile Payments solution is measured in hours, not weeks or months. The solution is fully automated and routes payment information in a file format similar to EDI-835, enabling payment reconciliation in real-time with existing software. Once live, there’s no software to use or human intervention required. As a result, Mobile Payments’ low effort-to-impact ratio is unmatched in health IT, offering an immediate, low-risk return on investment.

Actionable Insights Into Patient Payment Behavior

  • Real-time dashboards with detailed insights
  • Strengthens call center performance
  • Easily resolve issues, update insurance, and make payments
How It Works

Real-time dashboards provide a full suite of metrics to track statement delivery, text openings, payments, DAR, etc. In addition, providers receive a Payment Engagement Value Report, which provides insight for developing even more targeted outreach. The Mobile Payments medical billing solution captures payments and strengthens call center performance by allowing patients to resolve issues, update insurance, or make payments through their phone with a single click.

Data Security At Rest And In Transit

  • Secure, encrypted patient data
  • No data is stored on patient devices
  • Fully HIPAA, PCA, and TCPA compliant
How It Works

Patient medical and financial data is encrypted at rest and in transit using a secure tokenized payment vehicle. No data is stored on the patient’s phone, and all PHI requires authorization for viewing. The Mobile Payments medical billing solution is entirely HIPAA, PCI, and TCPA compliant.