Leadership Team

Setting the tone for a service-oriented, people-first culture.

Each member of our leadership team brings a unique background and record of proven excellence to guide and propel the SSI mission. Together, their extensive experience in technology, revenue cycle, product development, and beyond provides our organization with a deep understanding of the challenges facing health systems and health plans today. Learn more about each member here.

Diana Allen, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Meet our Chief Executive Officer, Diana Allen. As a healthcare finance leader with more than 20 years of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management, she currently serves as The SSI Group’s CEO. Diana is focused on growing and enhancing the company’s services and solutions, drawing on her extensive experience in business development, quality improvement, and strategic direction. Prior to joining SSI, Diana honed her revenue cycle skills with companies such as GE Healthcare, McKesson Corporation, Meridian, and Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians. Diana holds a doctorate in Healthcare Administration from Colorado Technical University and a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Cambridge College. She is also a contributing author to industry publications and a national conference speaker on healthcare process improvement strategy.

Heather Dunn - President of SSI

Heather Dunn


Meet our President, Heather Dunn. Heather brings over 20 years of experience in enterprise informatics operations and revenue cycle automation technologies. Notable for her strategic foresight and leadership, Heather has a strong track record of driving operational efficiency and success in provider revenue cycle management. Prior to joining SSI in 2024, she served as Vice President of Finance and Chief Revenue Cycle Officer at Vanderbilt Medical Center. One of Heather’s primary responsibilities is as an advocate for our clients, leveraging her extensive provider insights to spearhead initiatives that meet the needs of providers, payers, and patients.

Deborrah Short Rodrick

Chief Outcomes Officer

Meet our Chief Outcomes Officer, Deborrah Short Rodrick. She has held the title of Executive Vice President of Client Services, EDI, Implementation and Chief Operating Officer at SSI. Prior to joining SSI in 1986, she served as Director of Information Systems for Springhill Memorial Hospital and prior to Springhill Medical Center she worked at the University of South Alabama’s Computer Servicing Department.

Mark Blossom bio photo

Mark Blossom

Chief Operations Officer

Meet our Chief Operations Officer, Mark Blossom. He has overall responsibility for payer services, SSI enterprise operations, and EDI operations. He is instrumental in driving organizational vision and operational strategy, as well as translating strategy into actionable goals. Mark has been with SSI for 34 years, serving in numerous roles and key management positions, including in R&D, implementation, data operations, and product development lifecycle. He has personally been involved with the design and development of SSI clearinghouse services and systems.

Mark Pinkard bio photo

Mark Pinckard

Chief Financial Officer

Meet our Chief Financial Officer, Mark Pinckard. He has extensive experience in revenue cycle management, including oversight of billing claims and provider collections, focusing on improved cash flow management. Mark is a seasoned expert in improving process flows, reducing error rates, and decreasing denials and bad debt. His experience spans over 15 years and includes companies ranging from $40 million to nearly $1 billion in annual revenue. In his capacity as a financial leader, Mark works with operational teams to improve transparency in financial performance.

Jason Huff bio photo

Jason Huff

Chief Information Officer

Meet our Chief Information Officer, Jason Huff. He manages the innovation process, leading the company’s efforts to originate new product and service offerings and developing ideas for improvement cycles for existing products. Jason oversees product engineering, product management, and data management. He has been with SSI for over 21 years, previously serving as Sr. Vice President of Product Engineering.

Mark Walker bio photo

Mark Walker

Chief Client Officer

Meet our Chief Client Officer, Mark Walker. He works to improve client experiences from onboarding through implementation and into support. Mark is responsible for Implementation, Client Services, Account Management, and Special Projects. Mark has been with SSI for 11 years, serving in a variety of roles including Director of Account Management and Vice President of Account Management. Prior to SSI, Mark was a programmer, owned a consulting business and served as operations officer for a telecommunications company.