Tailor-made just for you.

An approach inspired by what makes your business unique.

The SSI implementation process is centered on client workflow, rather than features and functions of the system, to help organizations capitalize on solutions’ capabilities. Best practices from existing clients are incorporated into every implementation to accelerate the learning curve and ensure end-users are properly trained. While the implementation process generally follows a set of standard components, we strive to understand, and incorporate, the nuances of each client organization to help ensure you’ll be successful.

How it works.

Project Management

Each client is paired with an SSI project manager, whose role is to guide you through the implementation process.

Project Planning and Initiation

A client-specific project plan is created and schedule to determine activities required to achieve your desired timeline.

System Preparation

SSI performs its standard provisioning and setup services to adequately prepare clients for the software implementation. For implementation of SSI Billing, this stage also includes a review of client files and suggestions for improving the validation rate.

Discovery and Setup

This stage consists of a three-day, working session on site with client personnel to better help them gain an understanding of current processes, identify opportunities to incorporate best practices, and establish workflows. For SSI Billing, SSI also confirms edit and validation decisions and reviews system management activities.

System Configuration and Testing

System configuration and testing are completed based on information gathered in the Discovery and Setup session. This includes the preparation of training materials to align with client processes.

End-User Training

End-user training is conducted onsite to ensure users have a thorough understanding of the workflow and how to utilize the software to complete their responsibilities. We also work with clients to ensure readiness for go-live and follow up directly with end users on training questions.

Go Live and Follow-Up

SSI provides onsite assistance during the initial three go-live days, which includes one-on-one guidance to end users and system admin on daily SSI processes, along with confirmation of other integral functions.