The Crucial Role of Eligibility Verification

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The Definitive Guide to Preventing Eligibility Denials

This comprehensive guide from SSI is a must-read for hospitals and health systems looking to improve their eligibility verification process and reduce claim denials related to eligibility issues. It covers the claim denial problem, the state of eligibility solutions in healthcare, and the importance of eligibility verification in denial prevention strategies. Discover best practices for effective eligibility verification and real-world examples, as well as how technology can streamline the process.

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Medicaid Unwinding and Eligibility Programs

Redeterminations for Medicaid unwinding are already underway with the first terminations effective April 1.
Do you have a solid eligibility program in place to minimize the potential impact on your patients and your bottom line?

Registration/eligibility denials are the number one cause of medical claim denials. To prevent eligibility-related denials, hospitals must prioritize insurance eligibility verification. 

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