Get Out of the Denial Danger Zone: Key Strategies to Help You & Your Organization Make Improvements

In this free eBook from SSI, you’ll discover claim denial prevention strategies that help close the gaps and reduce the chances of denials ever occurring. Explore critical KPIs you and your organization should watch, understand the five most common types of claim denials, and get insights from SSI’s highly experienced team.


Stopping denials on the front end of your revenue cycle is better than managing them on the back end. With an industry average denial rate of 5‑10% and a clean claim rate of 90%, SSI provides industry insights about the most common types of denials and denial prevention strategies.


About The SSI Group, LLC

Since 1988, SSI has been in the business of ensuring healthcare providers are paid timely, efficiently, and accurately. The suite of products SSI provides creates an enhanced collections process from payers and patients.