Flawless Execution of Professional Billing
for Northern Regional Hospital

Northern Regional Hospital aerial view

August 24, 2022

Northern Regional Hospital is a leading provider of quality, affordable medical care, serving patients in Mount Airy, NC, and surrounding regions since 1953. The hospital features comprehensive healthcare solutions for an expansive range of specialties, including state-of-the-art emergency, diagnostics, and surgery centers.

As Northern Regional Hospital continued expanding its system and services, its leadership found themselves with a problem – completely independent computer systems to manage the hospital and individual practice billing.  The hospital needed a new unified billing system, but one that could also integrate with their MEDITECH Expanse EHR system.

Northern Regional Hospital turned to its highly experienced and dedicated strategic partner, The SSI Group, LLC (SSI). Together, they’ve implemented a streamlined revenue cycle management solution that fits their current needs and is easily scalable for any future expansion.


Disparate Computer Systems: As Northern Regional Hospital expanded and acquired new specialty practices, its revenue cycle began to experience significant slowdowns and delays. These issues resulted from having a wide range of incompatible billing systems that didn’t talk to one another. While the hospital was on one system, their physician practices were using ten different systems that all had to be managed individually. The communication and extra steps required to ensure the process followed all regulatory guidelines as quickly and accurately as possible, inevitably caused slowdowns.

Complex Claims Processing: Northern Regional Hospital was stuck processing claims from each computer system separately. To make matters worse, individual patient accounts for each practice were ONLY housed in that individual practice’s system.

The need for a unified system was clear, but Northern Regional Hospital wanted help from an expert to ensure each physician’s practice was set up and integrated correctly.


Northern Regional Hospital chose to expand its partnership with SSI, a nationally recognized clearinghouse and highly experienced leader in revenue cycle solutions trusted by 30% of all US hospitals and health systems. The hospital already utilized SSI’s software to process institutional claims; however, to unify the billing of their acquired practices, they also added professional claims processing.

Making the Switch: SSI immediately got to work setting up a detailed meeting schedule for checkpoints throughout the project at each phase, from leadup to implementation to post-live. The SSI team collaborated with Northern Regional Hospital to understand their exact situation and implement a clear path to optimization, organizing all practices into one system and setting up access IDs, workflow direction, jobs, responsibilities, etc.

Pre-implementation kicked off with a detailed three-day training and support session. The post-live included a comprehensive workshop exploring all the different edits and how to address them.


“Communication and the process were very clear, and everything went great. Our situation was very complex, and there were never any issues getting things resolved with SSI. Going into the implementation phase, that was all new to me. SSI carried out a smooth transition with complete professionalism, and any anxieties I could’ve had about the project were quickly eliminated.”

Terri Kirkman

Northern Regional Hospital

SSI’s preplanning process included detailed overviews of the entire process, which helped relieve significant stress from hospital staff by revealing precisely what would be happening, when, and what would be expected of them, if anything. Webinars and training were also scheduled to help billers unfamiliar with SSI get acquainted, ask questions, and fully understand the new process.



SSI’s support of Northern Regional Hospital has been a resounding success. Thanks to newfound operational efficiencies and streamlined billing practices that have eased the strain on the workforce, Northern Regional Hospital has captured significant time savings, faster reimbursement, and greater revenue cycle growth.

SSI also helped the hospital system onboard a new online enrollment portal and process during implementation. As more physicians join the group and must be onboarded, SSI continuously monitors and maintains this process to maximize ease and efficiency.

Additionally, SSI continues to work with Northern Regional Hospital in an ongoing capacity to consolidate all of the unique edits created between the hospital and each practice with translation and validation.

Ultimately, Northern Regional Hospital is now confidently prepared for the future, trusting in SSI as their RCM and billing partner.


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