SSI Wins Oracle Cerner 2022 Collaboration Award

November 9, 2022

Every year, Oracle Cerner honors its most innovative and meaningful partnerships, which are chosen based on superior performance and the impact the partner has on their clients. This year, the SSI Group, LLC (SSI) is pleased to announce that we were named the 2022 Collaboration Award Winner at the recent Oracle Cerner Health Conference.

The Collaboration Award recognizes a partner who demonstrates strong cooperation and a commitment to meet client expectations – while also having a visible presence with Oracle Cerner and offering joint investments and shared risks.

SSI was selected as one of the five award winners this year, of which nominees included some of the industry’s leading healthcare technology companies.

Cerner SSI Partner Award

Joe Haggerty, Cliff Whitmore, Eric Anderton, Craig Safir, Steve Farrell

As the number of joint Oracle Cerner and SSI clients continues to grow, SSI is elevating the claims management process for more hospitals and health systems through our extensive edits and industry-leading integration with Cerner.

In this challenging operating environment plagued with labor shortages and financial woes, SSI remains focused on helping providers optimize their Cerner investment by addressing any claim errors within Cerner work queues prior to claim generation for time savings and shorter payment cycles.

SSI is a leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions trusted by over 30% of all US hospitals. Through a long history of working with Cerner platforms and over 34 years of revenue cycle excellence, SSI delivers industry-leading solutions for optimizing clean claim rates, preventing denials, and minimizing support issues. From billing and claims management to attachments and analytics, our solutions are built to help you streamline your processes with a human-led, technology-supported approach.

SSI Cerner Collaboration Award

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