Have you registered SSI as your Health Information Handler?

The SSI Group — a certified Health Information Handler (HIH) is happy to announce that all of our current providers can get their Additional Documentation Request (ADR) letters electronically (as eMDR) through SSI as their registered HIH.

Medicare Background
In response to a number of requests from Medicare providers, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is adding the functionality to send ADR letters electronically. CMS conducted a pilot supporting the electronic version of the ADR letter known as Electronic Medical Documentation Request (eMDR) via the esMD system.

CMS is implementing systematic changes to esMD, for the providers to receive ADR letters (Pre/Post) electronically as eMDR.

Advantages for the provider to receive eMDRs include:

  • ADR letter data in an electronic format (eMDR) provides structured data that can be used for system processing
  • Electronic ADR letter (as eMDR) reaches the provider faster and brings traceability to the exchange
  • ADRs received electronically makes for efficient management of ADR requests and responses

The Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) system allows:

  1. Providers and Health Information Handlers (HIHs) to electronically send their responses to ADR letters to review contractors during the claims review process
  2. Review contractors to electronically receive responses to ADR letters sent by providers and HIHs during the claims review process

For more information please reach out to your SSI account executive or log an SSR requesting additional information.

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