Pricing Estimation

Smart Patient Access Reduces Hospital Debt & Improves Clean Claims Rate

How do hospitals ensure they get paid? Patient access processes need to be streamlined, consistent, and smart in order to maintain healthy hospital revenue cycle management. Combining intelligent patient access software with properly trained registration staff dramatically reduces errors, helping hospitals get paid.

Patient Access Management Challenges, News, and Progress

From providing hospital pricing transparency to patient collections to revenue cycle management and patient access to information, hospitals are currently facing an array of access management challenges. Join us as we explore the current news and updates about patient access management.

Will 2017 Be the Year for Major Healthcare Price Transparency Reform?

Primary goals of healthcare reform include the core principles of reducing healthcare spending and providing a cost-effective, high-quality care. Healthcare price transparency is a key piece to this puzzle in the form of tools that allow consumers to compare prices for healthcare services among multiple providers. Learn more about the outlook for healthcare price transparency in 2017.

Hospital Pricing Transparency Challenges Continue

Why is it so hard for hospitals to provide accurate procedure costs up front to patients?  In hospital pricing transparency news we find that while state legislatures are attempting to address the issue, most hospitals and even mandated state websites are failing to provide meaningful cost reporting for even common procedures.  We look at some recommended solutions.