Overcoming Healthcare Analytics Challenges

Successful healthcare organizations such as ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics are embracing the world of big data analytics with the intent to reduce inefficiencies and improve clinical performance and quality. However, the uncertainty of where to start, which tools to use, and how to meaningfully implement analytics can pose major challenges on the road ahead. 

Hospitals and Value Based Healthcare Strategies

There is both uncertainty and emerging optimism for hospitals and value based healthcare.  Revenue cycle managers worry that this erodes hospital profits. But some hospital revenue cycle teams are embracing the new value model and finding solutions in analytics, end-to-end systems, and even telemedicine.

MACRA, MIPS and Revenue Cycle Managers

How will the carrot and stick associated with MACRA play out in the year ahead?  It will require more attention, but a new study shows many healthcare providers aren’t ready.  When it comes to MACRA, MIPS and Revenue Cycle Managers, 2017 is an important year with a range of new incentives and penalties at stake.

Will 2017 Be the Year for Major Healthcare Price Transparency Reform?

Primary goals of healthcare reform include the core principles of reducing healthcare spending and providing a cost-effective, high-quality care. Healthcare price transparency is a key piece to this puzzle in the form of tools that allow consumers to compare prices for healthcare services among multiple providers. Learn more about the outlook for healthcare price transparency in 2017.

Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Solutions 2017

It’s challenging for CFOs to get a handle on RCM (revenue cycle management) solutions these days.  Successful hospital revenue cycle management solutions in 2017 focus on streamlining denial management, new efficient technologies, and a holistic approach.

What Does the Future Hold for Independent Ambulatory Surgery Centers?

As the interest for outpatient surgery centers grow, more attention is being paid to their operation; whether or not the services provided by outpatient surgery centers should increase; and whether or not Medicare should cover total joint replacement at such facilities. We take a look at these key issues surrounding ambulatory surgery centers.

Leveraging Technology to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Innovative solutions are being adopted at a climbing rate that are designed to improve patient outcomes, extend patient engagement, reduce healthcare costs and ultimately — improve patient satisfaction. Learn how healthcare technology is connected to patient satisfaction – and what you can do to improve in this area and increase revenue. 

Hospital Challenges & Solutions for Value-Based Payments

Industry surveys are showing that hospitals are behind CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) target dates for value-based payments implementation.  Only 23 percent of health systems expect to meet Medicare’s quality based payment target by 2019.  We found some helpful outlines, slides and tips for meeting this challenge.

The Healthcare Payer Situation in 2017

What will be the fate of the Affordable Healthcare Act under the new administration?  A look at The Healthcare Payer Situation early this year finds mergers blocked and a great deal of uncertainty about the exchanges.  

What is the Fate of Rural & Community Hospitals?

Rural hospitals are especially vulnerable to closure due to payment cuts because of their smaller operating margin. A recent report on indicators describing hospital performance shows 673 rural hospitals that are currently at risk for closure, and of the 673 hospitals identified, 68 percent are critical access hospitals (CAHs).

ACA Implementation Affects Emergency Rooms Nationwide

All across the nation, emergency departments (EDs) are experiencing crisis scenarios, such as overcrowding. The culprit? Patients inappropriately using the ED for care that doesn’t require emergent attention is filling the emergency rooms (ERs) and making it difficult...

RCM News: New Skills for Hospital Revenue Cycle Leaders

From C-Level leaders to revenue cycle teams, “streamlining” is one major theme as Medicare reimbursements, and patient satisfaction scores remain in play. And putting the right software in place with smart integration into workflows is essential for success in the year ahead.