Revenue Cycle Management

These posts cover healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) with an eye on hospital RCM services best practices used by HIT insiders, consultants, hospital CFOs, patient access teams, and revenue cycle directors.

Check out our Case Studies ( page for some examples of hospital clients that use our RCM solutions. Our Collaterals page ( offers a full set of in-depth reviews of our revenue cycle software solutions.

SSI delivers solutions that increase the accuracy and velocity of data exchange among healthcare providers and payers, with the highest levels of security. Our solution offerings range from revenue cycle management, clearinghouse and gateway services, clinical data services and analytics.

Increase Hospital Collections with 3 RCM Tips

Have health systems adapted their revenue cycle processes to increase hospital collections effectively? Enhance the RCM solutions and processes at your healthcare organization by following these 3 tips.

Prior Authorization Software Benefits Patients and Providers

Join us as we look at prior authorization (PA). We examine how much time providers spend on PA requests; how patients seeking treatment for opioid addiction may be hindered when obtaining PA for medication-assisted treatment (MAT); and how prior authorization software can improve the healthcare revenue cycle.

Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Update 2018

When it comes to hospital revenue cycle management, a lot of changes are in motion for 2018 including patient as payer, outsourcing, cost of EHR, and more. We put together a digest overview for you.

2018 Tips & Trends for Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Payer Partnerships. Smart use of analytics. Pricing Transparency. We found a number of trends for hospital revenue cycle management (RCM) as we head into 2018. In addition to tactics, some concepts like “patients as consumers,” and “patient experience” are front and center this year.

Healthcare Claim Denials on the Rise

Why do payers continue to deny 20% of claims payments to hospitals as they struggle to keep revenue cycles more profitable? Baby boomers are moving into their Medicare coverage phase. There are flaws in the Office of the Inspector General audits of hospitals, as alleged by the American Hospital Association.  Regulations are increasing. We take a look at the current situation and some creative solutions

Healthcare Pricing Transparency Progress Slow

Does your hospital offer transparent pricing estimates for prospective patients? Some leading hospitals are already doing this and at some state websites you can compare average costs for procedures at facilities across the state. However, these are the exceptions, so we take another look at what’s going on in the national drive to achieve healthcare pricing transparency.

Is Single-Payer Healthcare the Right System?

When it comes to the healthcare system in the USA, much remains to be determined. Will the quality go down in a single-payer healthcare system, as taxes skyrocket? Or, will a reduction in costs be the result as advocates claim?  We take a closer look.

Hospital Cybersecurity Tightens

Does our hospital have a senior executive that oversees cybersecurity? A new survey finds that 60 percent of healthcare organizations now have a chief information security officer in an age when cyber threats are increasing and the average breach costs your organization $2.2 million dollars.