Access Management

Billing. Coding. Insurance. Healthcare access management encompasses many processes that ensure hospitals receive payment and that patients know how and when to pay. Tools such as prior authorization software and healthcare cost transparency solutions improve patient satisfaction and the hospital revenue cycle.

Hospital Revenue Cycle Teams Feel Financial Pain

As regulations change and the ACA is weakened, hospitals face a new round of revenue challenges centering on a patient’s ability to pay. We take a look at the pain points teams face, trends, and solutions.

SSI Releases Access Director, a Patient Access Solution

Access Director helps providers manage patient encounters efficiently to achieve full patient financial clearance and prevent front-end revenue leakage. An integral part of SSI’s enterprise revenue cycle suite, Access Director can function as a stand-alone SaaS platform with an intuitive user interface or can be integrated into a provider’s existing host system/HIS with single sign-on functionality.

05.01.18 • Press Release

Access Director helps providers manage patient encounters efficiently to achieve full patient financial clearance and prevent front-end revenue leakage.

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Rising Healthcare Costs Impact Patients and Providers

Financial perils in the healthcare industry continue. Costs rise. Deductibles increase. Hospital debt forces closures. The impact of soaring health costs reaches everyone involved, from the providers of healthcare to the patients.

Healthcare Pricing Transparency Progress Slow

Does your hospital offer transparent pricing estimates for prospective patients? Some leading hospitals are already doing this and at some state websites you can compare average costs for procedures at facilities across the state. However, these are the exceptions, so we take another look at what’s going on in the national drive to achieve healthcare pricing transparency.

Healthcare Blockchain On Its Way?

What is blockchain and how might it be used in healthcare? In its simplest iteration, it is a new way to secure healthcare information. But if the big money players including Google’s AI company DeepMind work their magic, it could be a technology that totally transf.orms healthcare as we know it today.

Reversing Losses with Smart Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Solutions for smart hospital revenue cycle management continue to evolve as technologies, workflow processes, and cross-team integration strategies improve.  Even so, a recent report showed larger hospitals are on average leaving $22 million in revenue capture on the table.  What can be done to address this?

Hospital Claims Denial Management Solutions

Denial and claims management are key focus areas in the hospital revenue cycle process.  While traditionally thought of as a back-end focus area, more hospitals are taking a proactive approach to identifying possible problems up front.

Healthcare Price Transparency Tools Sway Consumer Choice

Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Google Plus Share Share on LinkedIn Share Send email Mail Consumers want choices. Emerging data suggests that the cost for healthcare services might be the biggest determining factor when a patient chooses where...

What is the Fate of Rural & Community Hospitals?

Rural hospitals are especially vulnerable to closure due to payment cuts because of their smaller operating margin. A recent report on indicators describing hospital performance shows 673 rural hospitals that are currently at risk for closure, and of the 673 hospitals identified, 68 percent are critical access hospitals (CAHs).

ACA Implementation Affects Emergency Rooms Nationwide

All across the nation, emergency departments (EDs) are experiencing crisis scenarios, such as overcrowding. The culprit? Patients inappropriately using the ED for care that doesn’t require emergent attention is filling the emergency rooms (ERs) and making it difficult...

RCM News: New Skills for Hospital Revenue Cycle Leaders

From C-Level leaders to revenue cycle teams, “streamlining” is one major theme as Medicare reimbursements, and patient satisfaction scores remain in play. And putting the right software in place with smart integration into workflows is essential for success in the year ahead.