Solving the Prior Authorization Dilemma: How Michigan Led the Way and What’s Next [On-Demand Webinar]

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Solving Prior Authorization webinar


Join us for an informative webinar to discover how Michigan is revolutionizing the prior authorization process in healthcare. With a staggering 94% of Michigan physicians reporting that prior authorizations delay patient care, a consortium of patients, providers, and associations in Michigan banded together to solve the prior authorization dilemma, forming the Health Can’t Wait coalition.

Our expert panelists, who are part of the coalition, will discuss the genesis of the conversation around the need for reform, the key stakeholders involved and their stances, and the critical success metrics that drove the proposed and approved legislation.

We will further explore the milestones and steps taken to get the legislation passed, and the instrumental players who helped move it along. We will also delve into the “Fail First Steps Therapy Reform,” a piece of the bill that was eliminated to expedite the process, and where things stand with it currently.

Our panelists will share the latest data and reports on how the program is performing and how they are measuring, delivering, and monitoring its success. Additionally, we will discuss the upcoming reporting requirements for payers, set for June 1, 2023, and the outlook and readiness of payers.

We welcome your questions and comments and look forward to an engaging Q&A session with our panelists.

This webinar is essential viewing for healthcare providers, payers, policymakers, and anyone interested in improving the prior authorization process in healthcare.

Key learning objectives:
• Origins of Michigan’s prior authorization improvement conversation and involved parties.
• Key success metrics and steps taken to improve prior authorizations in Michigan.
• Updates on program performance, data collection, and upcoming reporting requirements for payers.
• Q&A session to discuss Michigan’s prior authorization process, implementation, and impact on healthcare.


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