Claim edits mastery: Leveraging best edits and best practices to expedite payments [On-Demand Webinar]

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Claim edits mastery

Although often overlooked, claim edits play a critical role in thwarting denials and accelerating payments. Your ability to efficiently manage and promptly correct edits, utilizing a claim scrubber or billing application, has substantial implications on your cash flow.

However, not all edit platforms are equal. Did you know SSI’s comprehensive edit suite is one of the most advanced in the industry? New clients are amazed by the number of new edits and errors we catch on their claims – errors that their previous vendors often overlooked. The breadth and depth of SSI’s claim edits, bolstered by our expert team and streamlined processes, sets us apart.

Watch this on-demand webinar for a deep dive into the variety of edits, effective management techniques, and various deployment strategies.

Designed for SSI clients and non-clients, this webinar aims to enhance your understanding of edits, best practices, and how the trifecta of SSI’s platform, team, and processes contribute to superior results and expedited payments.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the landscape of claim edits: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the variety of claim edits, from universal ones to those that vary based on payer mix and geographical location—and how provider-specific edits can be configured to address your organization’s unique situations.
  • Master the management of claim edits: Discover effective strategies and best practices for managing and promptly correcting claim edits.
  • Explore SSI’s advanced edit platform: Uncover the distinct advantages of SSI’s claim edit platform, people, and processes for implementing best practices.

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