Pricing Estimation

Avoid CMS hospital price transparency penalties, empower patients, and increase collections

Don’t just manage revenue, manage expectations.

Regulatory requirements surrounding price transparency have tightened, creating increased pressure for hospitals and health systems to become more forthcoming with service estimates. But price transparency isn’t all about regulations. It’s about relationships. 

Patients are now consumers and, with that, have developed expectations similar to consumers in other industries. And what they want most is access to cost information regarding their medical care.

Whether the result of emerging patient requirements, regulatory requirements, or a mix of each, price transparency is likely a critical initiative for your organization. And we’re here to provide the personal touch it calls for.

SSI Estimation, a two-pronged approach to price transparency.

SSI Estimation includes both a provider and a patient-specific component to ensure the price transparency needs of each are met.

Empower patients with online estimates.
The online patient estimation feature gives consumers the ability to obtain accurate, reliable estimates for common procedures via your website with just a few clicks on a computer or mobile device. Estimates created online by patients are then saved in the system, allowing front-line staff to review for appropriate follow-up and scheduling.

Deliver full-scale estimates and tailored patient communication.
The provider-specific features of the solution enable health systems to strengthen compliance and consumer satisfaction simultaneously. By modeling estimation to match clients’ payer contracts, integrating charge history, and leveraging the benefit information in the eligibility response, we produce the most accurate estimate possible for users. And we also help enhance patient communication. With custom scripting and dynamic estimate letters, what were once uncomfortable financial discussions become opportunities to collect from patients by presenting information in a clear, concise, and consumer-centric manner.

SSI Estimation Benefits:

  • Comply with CMS Price Transparency mandates for online patient estimates
  • Enhance price transparency and patient satisfaction through convenient, easily-accessible online estimates
  • Eliminate the need to generate estimates for “shoppers”, reserving valuable resources for other activities
  • Significantly increase point-of-service collections and reduce days in A/R for patient out-of-pocket responsibility
  • Improve NAHAM AccessKeys®, including POS Collections to Revenue, POS Collection Opportunity Rate, and Estimate Accuracy Rate
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