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A tune up for your revenue cycle.

Use our labor and knowledge to stay in sync.

In an endlessly evolving healthcare environment, organizations sometimes get out of sync, even with the best pieces and players in place. With limited resources and tightening budgets also in the mix, health systems must take every step possible to maximize their efforts and reduce risk in revenue cycle operations. But determining what needs attention and where to start is often a daunting task.

Collaborating for revenue cycle results.

SSI Consulting Services helps healthcare organizations assess their existing revenue cycle landscape and identify potential deficiencies. Our services enable providers to optimize the use of their existing solutions, resulting in lower labor costs and enhanced cash flow.

Driven by industry key performance indicators (KPIs), each engagement includes an on-site visit providing in-depth, hands-on education and support. While the engagement type dictates the overall agenda, the details of every visit are tailored to the unique needs of each client organization. Our group’s advanced product knowledge, coupled with access to support and engineering teams, allows us to take a responsive, holistic approach to the revenue cycle to help ensure your team’s success.


Clean Claim Rate

Billing Optimization

Payer Scorecard

Denial Management

Paper Claim Optimization
Revenue Cycle Assessment

Targeted Key Performance Indicator

SSI Clean Claim Rate

Avg. Days to Drop, Avg. Days to Bill

Avg. Days to Pay

Initial Denial Zero Pay, Partial Pay

Paper Claim Percentage


Engagements centered on performance improvement.

Clean Claim Rate Optimization

Receive recommendations on how to maintain and continuously improve your clean claim rate, a primary indicator of revenue cycle performance.

Secondary Billing Optimization

Establish a governance model for maintaining and improving the secondary billing process via three primary objectives: decreasing the volume of paper claims for payers that accept electronic claims, increasing remit linking rate for SSI’s secondary process, and increasing the secondary clean claim rate.

Revenue Cycle Assessment

Perform a comprehensive review of business processes, KPIs, technology, and operational effectiveness in an effort to identify waste and improve process efficiency.

Billing Optimization

Improve cost to collect and outstanding A/R by reviewing business processes to determine their adverse effects on critical KPIs.

Payer Scorecard

Explore the “why” questions of payer performance and determine how to replicate the behavior of your best payers for those who are lower ranking.

Denial Management Optimization

Establish a governance model for maintenance and continuous improvement of your denial rate in order to maintain high levels of performance in a changing revenue cycle environment.

Paper Claim Optimization

Analyze existing business practices to identify current paper claim volume and processes, determining strategies to improve efficiency and reduce the cost to collect associated with paper claims processing.