ASC Analytics

Pinpoint problems for process—and profit—improvement.

You can’t manage what you aren’t measuring.

As an ambulatory surgery center (ASC), you know that a “business as usual” approach isn’t enough to be successful in an increasingly competitive healthcare market. Distinguishing yourself as an efficient, profitable surgery center requires the ability to effortlessly dig into problems and processes, gaining the insight necessary to ask the appropriate questions—and take the appropriate actions—to improve operations. And it’s nearly impossible to accomplish this task without the use of advanced analytics.

SSI ASC Analytics

Streamline processes to optimize performance.

SSI ASC Analytics provides ambulatory surgery centers with an expansive suite of intuitive reports and dashboards, which can easily be utilized by staff at nearly every experience level. The responsive, user-friendly platform engages users, taking the guesswork, and intimidation, out of data collection and interpretation. The solution displays the most critical information first, which directs organizations to their most pressing issues, with the ability to drill down for a comprehensive view. Armed with actionable information and statistics, surgery centers gain the perspective necessary to make better business decisions and allocate resources to top priorities.


  • Negotiate better managed care contracts
  • Forecast future center performance
  • Identify negative trends in reimbursements and profitability
  • Improve operating efficiencies
  • Maximize OR utilization
  • Improve case costs (supplies, overhead, labor)
  • Maintain compliance with required state, regional or regulatory reporting criteria
  • View comparative benchmarking to evaluate objectives and make informed business decisions
  • Automate shareholder and board reports
How It Works

SSI ASC Analytics is centered on the most relevant functional areas for ASCs today: case, cost, clinical, financial, and schedule. Using pre-built forms and KPIs, users can quickly and easily evaluate performance in each of these areas and determine a plan of action for improvement. Clients gain a better understanding of where to modify processes for optimal benefit, along with how to more effectively protect cash and identify revenue opportunities.