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Is your claims and clearinghouse vendor working for you – or holding you back?

In an era where healthcare organizations are grappling with unprecedented challenges like dwindling revenues and workforce shortages, the role of a proficient and dependable claims and clearinghouse partner becomes paramount. Your organization doesn’t just need a vendor; it requires a collaborative partner committed to optimizing resources, maximizing reimbursements, and streamlining processes.

Is it time to reevaluate your relationship with your current vendor, or should you stay the course? In this ebook, we explore the essential questions you must ask to ensure that your claims and clearinghouse partner is not merely ‘good enough’ but ideally suited for your organization’s unique journey towards success.

Sneak Peak: What’s Inside?

Understand the Importance of Choosing the Right Claims Clearinghouse Partner:
Making the right choice can save time, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

Learn the Nine Vital Questions Revenue Cycle Leaders Need to Ask:
Equip yourself with the right questions to uncover the true capabilities of vendors.

Assess Whether Your Current Vendor Meets Your Organization’s Needs and Goals:
Analyze your existing setup and ensure alignment with your strategic objectives.

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The SSI Group (SSI) empowers providers with industry-leading revenue cycle management solutions to maximize their efforts—and returns—at every stage. From billing and claims management to patient access and analytics, our solutions span the revenue cycle helping clients streamline workflows, increase revenue, improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Nearly 30% of all US hospitals trust SSI for better clean claim rates, fewer denials, and timely payments.

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“I very much like the feel of the system, the functionality of the system, and the ease of using the system for me, even when I was just doing billing, but also as a manager and as a leader. Also, the customer service is great…I can remember for years always being able to pick up the phone and always getting Horacio…he knew me.”

Jennifer Ruda

VP of Revenue Cycle, Augusta Medical

“SSI has been and continues to be an asset for our organization.  I cannot imagine having been able to enhance our collections and for our organization to remain financially successful without the SSI claims products and all the caring and helpful staff at SSI.”

Wil Dourrieu

Business Office Manager, LSU Health Lallie Kemp Medical Center