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Don't Wait to Negotiate: Top Strategies for Negotiating Payer Contracts

In the current healthcare landscape, it’s become imperative for providers to own – and master – the contract negotiation process…and to make it a priority. Learn what it takes to even out the contract playing field and hold payers accountable for their contractual obligations.

Analysis Paralysis – Don’t become a victim! 5 Mistakes People Make with Analytics

While analytics has become a business necessity, not everyone is equipped to collect or interpret data on their own. Learn the five key mistakes people make with data and how to prevent them at your organization.

Improve your Audit Approach: Top 3 Audit Management Strategies for Providers

For providers today, audits have become both more frequent and more complex. Given the changes to the audit landscape, it is imperative for healthcare organizations to allocate resources to establishing audit management processes and identifying associated revenue risks.

Clean Claim Rate Optimization

An optimized clean claim rate, one of the most common operational metrics in revenue cycle, is the perfect balance of people, process and technology. Take away tips for increasing this measure and saving your organization time, labor and AR days.

Weathering the Storm Best Practices for Patient Collections

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, we are pleased to see organizations committed to enhancing their revenue cycle operations.

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