Don’t Wait to Negotiate:
Top Strategies for Negotiating Payer Contracts

01.25.18 • Webinars • 3:00 PM EST

Presenter: Will Israel – Senior Product Manager

Did you know…60-80% of transactions within the healthcare industry are governed by contracts? Unfortunately, the key players aren’t always on a level playing field.

When it comes to payer-provider contracts, payers tend to carve 3-5% out of a contract every time one is negotiated. Meanwhile, there are a significant amount of providers signing payer contracts without negotiating, leaving money on the table. In the current healthcare landscape, it’s become imperative for providers to own – and master – the contract negotiation process…and to make it a priority.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  1. The most common negotiation pitfalls – and how to avoid them
  2. The top negotiation strategies to protect existing revenue, minimize revenue leakage, and optimize revenue potential
  3. The business value of addressing negotiation mistakes and getting it right the first time

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