Value Based Healthcare

Do or Die:  Adopting New Hospital Financial Analytics Solutions

Hospital financial analytic solutions are coming to the fore right now as technology trends and new payment paradigms converge.  The next generation of infrastructure will include new features and functions ranging from evolved networks to enhanced analytics to distributed database offerings.

Hospital Value Based Payments Update

Hospitals can’t afford not to provide value based care. But what if care can extend beyond the discharge of a patient? We examine this and other questions in our update on hospital value based payments.

Healthcare Payers and Value-Based Care for Hospitals

Value-based care in hospitals has healthcare payers energized, but is it paying off yet? We found one recent study that says it is, while still another study says it is not. But the push for value-based care continues. Will 2018 be the decisive year as insurance companies continue to drive for the healthcare value measurement?

Patient Needs and Retail Healthcare

Are hospitals ready to compete with retail healthcare chains and a growing perception that quality healthcare can be delivered inexpensively? One study says yes, and large chains like Walgreens are continuing to gather patients and offer services.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Payment and Process in 2018 and Beyond

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are springing up all over the nation and for good reason. Services provided at these facilities are low in cost and highly convenient for the patient. Learn about the financial and administrative changes from CMS for ASCs for 2018 and other ways ASCs are evolving.

Population Healthcare Management: What are You Missing?

Effective population health management (PHM) is needed to help bring down health care spending and create a value-based system. Unfortunately, many hospitals and health systems are missing the mark. Do you know what PHM is and how to implement effective strategies?

How to Prepare for CMS Audits to Mitigate Risk

Medical providers need to stay current on the latest updates and know what type of audits to expect and when. Join us as we review the latest news surrounding CMS audits and review the best tips you can take to be prepared.

The Future of Population Health Management Strategies and Solutions

Population health management (PHM) is a cornerstone concept that emerged from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that has proven it’s here to stay – even if the ACA goes away. Because this is a valuable topic that will affect hospitals and providers for years to come, we decided to dedicate a blog series that explores the aspects of Population Health Management. The following is the first post in the series:

MACRA Challenges for Hospitals in 2018

What are the MACRA challenges for hospitals this year? MACRA is the title given to the Quality Payment Program (QPP) set forth by CMS in 2015. Because MACRA officially went into effect in January of 2017, now is a good time to see what’s working in the program and what’s not. Let’s review these MACRA challenges and the proposed rule intended to address some of these issues.