Surgery Centers

Surgery Center Prices and the Transparency Movement

Ambulatory surgery centers” (ASCs), have made waves in healthcare in recent years by offering lower cost alternatives to hospital procedures. We take a look at how they continue to disrupt the status quo with pricing transparency.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Industry Updates and New Analytics Tool

The ambulatory surgery clinic industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years as organizations and patients seek more affordable options for healthcare services. As a result, the sector of healthcare has had many recent updates to policies and regulations, plus the introduction of robust ASC Analytics technology.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Payment and Process in 2018 and Beyond

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are springing up all over the nation and for good reason. Services provided at these facilities are low in cost and highly convenient for the patient. Learn about the financial and administrative changes from CMS for ASCs for 2018 and other ways ASCs are evolving.

Ambulatory Surgery Procedures Improve in Quality and Price Transparency

Will outpatient surgery centers be the new “normal” trend in healthcare? It looks like the answer to that question is, “yes”! As more patients seek out this option for care, ambulatory surgery procedures are improving with policies to decrease infection and wrong-site procedures, and increase price transparency.