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Improving Hospital Claims Denials Management

What can hospitals do to improve their claims denials management process? We review some facts about claims denials, and share valuable advice as to how hospitals should address the issue head-on.

Healthcare Payers and Providers Collaborate to Improve Outcomes

Value-based incentives and other policies of recent years have forced healthcare payers and providers to work together more closely and communicate more often. Such policies include aspects such as risk-sharing financial arrangements and programs aimed at improving the patient experience. Join us as we explore the dynamics of this relationship that can improve profitability. 

Ambulatory Surgery Centers | ASC | Healthcare Solutions

As with many healthcare organizations today, ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) have been hit hard by decreasing reimbursements, strict reporting criteria and a lack of adequate resources to address the increasing demands of the healthcare industry. To distinguish themselves in today’s market, surgery centers must harness the ability to effortlessly delve into their problems and processes and gain the insight necessary to ask the appropriate questions – and take the appropriate measures – to improve their organization’s operations.