Pricing Transparency

Excessive Healthcare Costs Burden Hospitals

Excessive healthcare costs continue in the United States. What can be done about it? While administrative burdens do suggest a single payer solution, there are other factors that can help, including pricing transparency and pharmaceutical prices. Why are there so many unneeded medical tests being performed?

Surgery Center Prices and the Transparency Movement

Ambulatory surgery centers” (ASCs), have made waves in healthcare in recent years by offering lower cost alternatives to hospital procedures. We take a look at how they continue to disrupt the status quo with pricing transparency.

Healthcare Pricing Transparency Progress Slow

Does your hospital offer transparent pricing estimates for prospective patients? Some leading hospitals are already doing this and at some state websites you can compare average costs for procedures at facilities across the state. However, these are the exceptions, so we take another look at what’s going on in the national drive to achieve healthcare pricing transparency.

Ambulatory Surgery Procedures Improve in Quality and Price Transparency

Will outpatient surgery centers be the new “normal” trend in healthcare? It looks like the answer to that question is, “yes”! As more patients seek out this option for care, ambulatory surgery procedures are improving with policies to decrease infection and wrong-site procedures, and increase price transparency.

Is Hospital Pricing Transparency Possible?

When it comes to hospital pricing transparency that states and consumer advocates want to see, few hospitals are able to implement true procedure cost reporting.  Why is that, and will it ever happen?  We review the latest news.