Hospital IT

Blockchain Healthcare Disruption in 2018?

This could be the year of blockchain healthcare disruption, when you look at the initiatives, players, and emerging incentives now careening throughout the market.

Smart Hospitals and Future Technology Today

The future is now for smart hospitals as the technology revolution sees providers automate, innovate, and escalate both patient satisfaction and revenue cycle solutions. Is your facility ready already?

Healthcare Compliance: What it Costs and How It’s Done

Healthcare organizations have a mounting responsibility when it comes to regulatory compliance. However, is adherence taking up valuable patient time? Furthermore, what does this concerted effort cost? Sources reveal answers to these questions.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Needs Grow as Threat Levels Rise

Since the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and computerized-physician order entry (CPOE) – practically every single healthcare delivery system in the United States is running on an electronic system. Learn how cybersecurity is affected in the sea of technology, and what healthcare organizations should do to protect sensitive data.

Hospital Cybersecurity Tightens

Does our hospital have a senior executive that oversees cybersecurity? A new survey finds that 60 percent of healthcare organizations now have a chief information security officer in an age when cyber threats are increasing and the average breach costs your organization $2.2 million dollars.