Heathcare Payers

Healthcare Payers and Value-Based Care for Hospitals

Value-based care in hospitals has healthcare payers energized, but is it paying off yet? We found one recent study that says it is, while still another study says it is not. But the push for value-based care continues. Will 2018 be the decisive year as insurance companies continue to drive for the healthcare value measurement?

Healthcare Payers and Providers Collaborate to Improve Outcomes

Value-based incentives and other policies of recent years have forced healthcare payers and providers to work together more closely and communicate more often. Such policies include aspects such as risk-sharing financial arrangements and programs aimed at improving the patient experience. Join us as we explore the dynamics of this relationship that can improve profitability. 

Healthcare Payer News: Blockchains, Emergency Care and New Technology

Value paradigms, blockchains, and cloud services seem to be in the wind this year as the whole technology landscape shifts.   Add to this related policy changes from CMS to”increase choices and encourage stability.”  Will lower premiums materialize and be a help to the hospital revenue cycle? 

Will 2017 Be the Year for Major Healthcare Price Transparency Reform?

Primary goals of healthcare reform include the core principles of reducing healthcare spending and providing a cost-effective, high-quality care. Healthcare price transparency is a key piece to this puzzle in the form of tools that allow consumers to compare prices for healthcare services among multiple providers. Learn more about the outlook for healthcare price transparency in 2017.

The Healthcare Payer Situation in 2017

What will be the fate of the Affordable Healthcare Act under the new administration?  A look at The Healthcare Payer Situation early this year finds mergers blocked and a great deal of uncertainty about the exchanges.