Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare Data Analytics. It’s everywhere, and particularly with data analytics tools for healthcare. When it comes to healthcare analytics, financial officers are presented with a plethora of information from clinical data to hospital financial performance data. This collection of articles reviews healthcare analytics software, news, updates, legislation, CMS audits, and more.

The SSI Group develops and offers two healthcare data analytics software called SSI Claims Analytics and ASC Analytics.  Our Claims Analytics solution allows users to measure, identify, and improve upon strategic and operational performance goals, while fostering a deeper understanding of their organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs). SSI ASC Analytics provides ambulatory surgery centers with an expansive suite of intuitive analytics, reports and dashboards, which can easily be utilized by staff at nearly every experience level. You can read an overview about “Adopting New Hospital Financial Analytics Solutions”, and also Data Sheets about our Analytics Solutions for review by your team.

5 Tips for Effective Contract Negotiation for Hospitals

When it comes to payer-provider contracts, it often feels inequitable, with each side doing what’s in their own best interest. For example, some payers have a tendency to carve 3-5% out of a contract every time one is negotiated. Meanwhile, many providers sign payer contracts without negotiating, leaving valuable dollars on the table. In order to maximize revenue in the midst of an endlessly changing environment, it is imperative for health systems to master the contract negotiation process.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers In The News

What are the top challenges ASC managers face? Is more oversight for ASCs on the way? What about expanding to offer good surgery center prices to veterans? We take a look at these questions in our news roundup for ambulatory surgical centers.

Do or Die:  Adopting New Hospital Financial Analytics Solutions

Hospital financial analytic solutions are coming to the fore right now as technology trends and new payment paradigms converge.  The next generation of infrastructure will include new features and functions ranging from evolved networks to enhanced analytics to distributed database offerings.

Hospital Value Based Payments Update

Hospitals can’t afford not to provide value based care. But what if care can extend beyond the discharge of a patient? We examine this and other questions in our update on hospital value based payments.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Financial Outlook and Structure

What is the outlook for industry growth of outpatient centers in coming years? How are these surgery clinics structured? Who owns them? Join us as we seek answers to these questions and more from industry thought leaders. We also share the insider secret to boosting your ambulatory surgery center financial performance.

Rising Healthcare Costs Impact Patients and Providers

Financial perils in the healthcare industry continue. Costs rise. Deductibles increase. Hospital debt forces closures. The impact of soaring health costs reaches everyone involved, from the providers of healthcare to the patients.

What You Need to Know About Healthcare Bundled Payments

Bundled payments are one of the alternative payment models developed by CMS under the new MACRA program. We explore the concept of healthcare bundled payments; challenges faced by providers under this model; and upcoming changes to this program.

Healthcare Analytics Soar to New Heights

de”>Now that most hospitals have adopted electronic charting and order entry systems, the time has come to implement healthcare IT tools designed to increase revenue through the meaningful, performance-driven analysis of healthcare data.

Ambulatory Surgery Procedures Improve in Quality and Price Transparency

Will outpatient surgery centers be the new “normal” trend in healthcare? It looks like the answer to that question is, “yes”! As more patients seek out this option for care, ambulatory surgery procedures are improving with policies to decrease infection and wrong-site procedures, and increase price transparency.

Leveraging Healthcare Analytics for Smarter Care Decisions

What’s the current situation regarding analytics in Healthcare? We review some resources for healthcare analytics and “business intelligence systems”.  Plus, you will find a link to our recent webinar on Analytics in Healthcare led by WIll Israel, who will also be on hand at the upcoming ANI conference where will launch our Analytics 2.0 upgrade