Healthcare Audits

CMS Audits in 2018: Updates Providers Need to Know

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are already sending out their letters for the 2018 audits. Find out what changes have been made from the 2017 protocols and how physicians can expect a less punitive approach from CMS regarding Medicare billing.

Healthcare Compliance: What it Costs and How It’s Done

Healthcare organizations have a mounting responsibility when it comes to regulatory compliance. However, is adherence taking up valuable patient time? Furthermore, what does this concerted effort cost? Sources reveal answers to these questions.

Focusing on Healthcare Audit Management

What should your hospital team focus on when it comes to auditing for services, fraud, coding and cyber security? When it comes to healthcare, the solution boils down to what you will benchmark, training, and the best methods for efficiency in your organization. A lot of industry leaders share the idea that audits are the best start toward better compliance management these days