Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

When it comes to blockchain technology in healthcare, we see great potential in cost and time savings for providers and patients alike.  This is one of the top healthcare trends we routinely cover on our blog.

The SSI Group develops software and solutions that increase the accuracy and velocity of data exchange among healthcare providers and payers, with the highest levels of security.  You can read a series of case studies and also download factsheets

Healthcare Predictions for 2019 with An Eye on Hospitals

As hospitals struggle with the pace of change, and some in a fight to survive, we assembled this digest of current thoughts on the future of healthcare in the year ahead. Technology is on the horizon for healthcare in 2019, along with drug delivery and pricing, the redefinition of care, and ongoing divisions in the political arena.  

Blockchain Healthcare Disruption in 2018?

This could be the year of blockchain healthcare disruption, when you look at the initiatives, players, and emerging incentives now careening throughout the market.

Healthcare Blockchain On Its Way?

What is blockchain and how might it be used in healthcare? In its simplest iteration, it is a new way to secure healthcare information. But if the big money players including Google’s AI company DeepMind work their magic, it could be a technology that totally transf.orms healthcare as we know it today.

Healthcare Payer News: Blockchains, Emergency Care and New Technology

Value paradigms, blockchains, and cloud services seem to be in the wind this year as the whole technology landscape shifts.   Add to this related policy changes from CMS to”increase choices and encourage stability.”  Will lower premiums materialize and be a help to the hospital revenue cycle?