Healthcare Billing

Increase Hospital Collections with 3 RCM Tips

Have health systems adapted their revenue cycle processes to increase hospital collections effectively? Enhance the RCM solutions and processes at your healthcare organization by following these 3 tips.

Smart Patient Access Reduces Hospital Debt & Improves Clean Claims Rate

How do hospitals ensure they get paid? Patient access processes need to be streamlined, consistent, and smart in order to maintain healthy hospital revenue cycle management. Combining intelligent patient access software with properly trained registration staff dramatically reduces errors, helping hospitals get paid.

Hospital Revenue Cycle Threatened by Administrative Tasks and More

In addition to the mounting reporting administrative tasks on providers, other hospital revenue cycle management challenges threaten financial health include billing disputes and prolonged A/R days. Learn what hospitals can do to improve clean claims rates, get paid faster, and mitigate the risk of legal actions.

Hospital Billing Best Practices

When it comes to hospital billing best practices, we discovered a lot of documentation about common errors and also some helpful advice on how to avoid them.

How Medical Necessity Pertains to Patients and Providers

What happens when physicians disagree on what is medically necessary? What’s the difference between outright fraud and failure to accurately meet medical necessity for services that were rendered? Let’s explore these issues in greater detail.

How Hospital Billing and Claims Management Processes Affect Revenue

Hospital billing and claims management processes have a clear and direct impact on the financial health of an organization. However, oftentimes healthcare executives blame poor performance on external factors, rather than analyzing internally. We take a deeper look at this issue and how hospitals can improve their practices to increase revenue.