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Ambulatory Surgery Center Financial Outlook and Structure

What is the outlook for industry growth of outpatient centers in coming years? How are these surgery clinics structured? Who owns them? Join us as we seek answers to these questions and more from industry thought leaders. We also share the insider secret to boosting your ambulatory surgery center financial performance.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Industry Updates and New Analytics Tool

The ambulatory surgery clinic industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years as organizations and patients seek more affordable options for healthcare services. As a result, the sector of healthcare has had many recent updates to policies and regulations, plus the introduction of robust ASC Analytics technology.

Ambulatory Surgery Procedures Improve in Quality and Price Transparency

Will outpatient surgery centers be the new “normal” trend in healthcare? It looks like the answer to that question is, “yes”! As more patients seek out this option for care, ambulatory surgery procedures are improving with policies to decrease infection and wrong-site procedures, and increase price transparency.

Will Ambulatory Surgery Centers Become More “Hospital-Like”?

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) continue to gain popularity as the costs for healthcare services steadily increase. Now, new questions arise as to what regulatory and legislative measures need to be taken to make these facilities more “hospital-like” in order to provide quality care, and to properly fund the operation of standalone outpatient clinics.

Overcoming Healthcare Analytics Challenges

Successful healthcare organizations such as ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics are embracing the world of big data analytics with the intent to reduce inefficiencies and improve clinical performance and quality. However, the uncertainty of where to start, which tools to use, and how to meaningfully implement analytics can pose major challenges on the road ahead. 

What Does the Future Hold for Independent Ambulatory Surgery Centers?

As the interest for outpatient surgery centers grow, more attention is being paid to their operation; whether or not the services provided by outpatient surgery centers should increase; and whether or not Medicare should cover total joint replacement at such facilities. We take a look at these key issues surrounding ambulatory surgery centers.

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