Fine-tune – and maximize – the financial clearance process to collect
more revenue up front

SSI Access Director Benefits

With SSI Access Director, your organization can…

  • Identify critical patient information
  • Minimize registration errors to lower denial rates
  • Increase patient collections
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Strengthen patient advocacy
  • Improve staff performance and job satisfaction

SSI Access Director

The pressure on healthcare financial executives exists from all angles. An increase in patient financial responsibility, growth in bad debt, need to reduce operating costs – together, these factors demand a more proactive approach to maintain a healthy cash flow.
SSI Access Director helps providers refocus their efforts on addressing front-end revenue leakage by moving tasks traditionally completed by the billing office to the front-end of the revenue cycle. In doing so, payment problems can be proactively resolved before they occur, maximizing revenue and enhancing the patient experience as a result.

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SSI Access Director provides real-time, actionable information that guides users through the most effective collections approach, based on patients’ unique financial circumstances. Customized workflow guidance helps simplify complex processes, reduce rework, and increase and accelerate revenue. As the patient experience becomes even more of a focal point, the solution ultimately enables providers to focus on patients instead of policies.

Access Director Features & Functions

  • Eligibility
    As healthcare consumers increasingly adopt high-deductible health plans and move between plans at an increasingly high rate, it is imperative for providers to verify patient eligibility and secure their ability to receive prompt payment prior to care. SSI Eligibility enables providers to verify patient insurance coverage and benefits to allow for successful pre-service payment collection. Users can easily and intuitively master the complex registration and collection process via on-screen cues that guide patient interactions and decisions. Using SSI Eligibility, organizations can verify eligibility for every patient, every time, within seconds – and improve their cash flow as a result.
  • Medical Necessity
    Pre-service verification of medical necessity helps providers develop a strong defense for reducing denials and ensuring compliance with Medicare’s Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) requirements. With SSI Medical Necessity, providers can determine the correct codes to validate medical necessity and issue Advanced Beneficiary Notices (ABNs) prior to service. Equipped with this checks and balances system, organizations are enabled to reduce the risk of lost revenue and non-compliance, while clarifying patients’ rights and financial obligations prior to service.

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Additional Functionality

Patient Data Validation

Inaccurate demographic information causes claims to be rejected and can also lead to potential HIPAA violations. With SSI Patient Data Validation, organizations can determine patient address deliverability, confirm identity, and obtain current contact information to seamlessly update the hospital information system. By ensuring accurate information, claims and invoices process more quickly, decreasing A/R days and denials.

SSI Patient Data Validation reduces input errors by validating and correcting a patient’s name, address, telephone number and other demographic information in real time, at any point in the revenue cycle. Accessing multiple demographic data sources, patient information is returned to the registrar, highlighting differences and allowing them to take appropriate action, as defined by the organization’s business rules. The solution eliminates the need to move outside of the registration system, which allows registrars to continue to process patients during the validation process.

With SSI Patient Data Validation, your organization can:

  • Prevent input errors
  • Reduce returned mail and time spent resending correspondence
  • Minimize patient identity-related denials
  • Eliminate the need to manually update patient data
  • Maintain address standardization within the information system’s master patient record

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Patient Payment Planning

Patients who are uneducated about their financial responsibilities are less likely to pay than those who understand their monetary obligations. Plus, with bad debt and collection costs on the rise, it has become even more imperative for healthcare providers to be proactive in identifying a patient’s ability to pay and acting on it at the point of service. With SSI Payment Planning, organizations can determine patients’ estimated out-of-pocket expenses and payment possibilities through a pre-service cost estimation process and effectively communicate these items to the patient.

The solution improves collection efforts by determining the patient’s ability-to-pay, checking existing credit history, and alerting registrars of the appropriate action to take – from point-of-service payments to financial counseling.

With SSI Patient Payment Planning, your organization can:

  • Identify available revolving credit card balances that can be used by patients to pay for services
  • Optimize and align patients’ payment capabilities with your payment policies
  • Estimate the probability of a patient qualifying for financial aid or charity care, based on community scoring model
  • Prepare patients to pay with pre-service estimates
  • Significantly increase point-of-service collections
  • Reduce days in A/R for patient out-of-pocket responsibility
  • Increase price transparency
  • Minimize patients’ anxiety about financial obligations
  • Identify and arrange payment options prior to service, based on estimated cost and ability to pay

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Prior Authorization

Manual processes are cumbersome, inefficient and susceptible to human error. From this perspective, authorizations and pre-certifications are a particular headache for registrars. Valuable time is wasted talking on the phone, searching for forms, sending and receiving faxes or letters, and trying to make sense of data once it’s received. SSI Prior Authorization initiates a real-time authorization/pre-certification request (278) at the earliest point in the registration process, then returns a customized response that allows users to see the 278 data most pertinent to their organization, based on pre-defined business rules. Integrated with a user’s registration system, this information can be viewed and acted upon according to the prompts provided. By electronically transmitting 278 data, providers can significantly streamline workflow and eliminate the manual practices they once relied upon.

With the solution, authorization and pre-certification is done for every patient, every visit, within seconds to reduce claim rejections and improve cash flow.

With SSI Prior Authorization, your organization can…

  • Reduce claim rejections
  • Minimize registrar errors related to diagnosis codes
  • Eliminate manual processes and streamline workflow to recoup time and resources
  • Maintain compliance with Medicare regulations

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