Earlier this spring we published an article on overcoming hospital healthcare analytics challenges, so we wanted to review some new developments and provide more resources for solutions.  In this article you can also find a link to our recent webinar on Analytics in Healthcare led by Will Israel, who will also be on hand at the upcoming ANI conference where will launch our Analytics 2.0 upgrade.

Leveraging Healthcare Analytics for Smarter Care Decisions

What’s the current situation regarding analytics in Healthcare?  A recent report from Health IT Analytics points out that, “an increasingly data-driven environment, healthcare business intelligence companies are offering hospitals the health IT tools they need to participate in value-based care, population health management, and operational analytics.”  The article goes on to list several business intelligence systems that meet new analytics goals. 

Note that The SSI Group has integrations with major EHR business intelligence systems including Epic, Siemens, and MedHost.  This enables analytics information from The SSI Group software platform to better inform the total reporting available in these systems.  You can review our webinar  from earlier this spring on “Analysis Paralysis – Don’t become a victim! 5 Mistakes People Make with Analytics“, where we provide insider tips on how to approach analytics to turn numbers into actionable insights.

One example of how predictive analytics helped one hospital make patients safer comes from El Camino Hospital.  Faced with increasing patient falls, El Camino turned to machine learning to reduce the risk.  Healthcare IT News posted the follower video where “Cheryl Reinking, CNO at El Camino Hospital, discusses how data analytics assisted their efforts to curb a rising trend in patient falls.”

Becker’s Hospital Review recently published an article on “three strategies healthcare organizations, payers and employers can use to focus ahead on the journey to value-based care”.  The article goes into some good detail on the following three strategies:

  1. Take advantage of the clinical data already available.
  2. Ensure data is actionable to a wide variety of stakeholders.
  3. Ask more and better questions of your data.

Healthcare Analytics Resource:  Free WhitePaper from SAS.com  – The whitepaper covers thoughts from a meeting of  350 analytics leaders and innovators from all facets of healthcare in 2016.  Some take-away points:

  • Value-based Care is a new paradigm
  • Clinical quality is a “driver” behind the new push to improve outcomes
  • Hospitals need to integrate analytics within their business

We will review more about healthcare analytics at the ANI 2017 Conference (visit The SSI Group at booth #423), along with some more exciting launch news.