Improve your Audit Approach:
Top 3 Audit Management Strategies for Providers

10.25.17 • Webinars • 2:00 PM CST

Presenter: Tracey Tillman – Product Manager

For providers today, audits have become both more frequent and more complex. Given the changes to the audit landscape, it is imperative for healthcare organizations to allocate resources to establishing audit management processes and identifying associated revenue risks. Audits present a variety of challenges for organizations, with auditors capitalizing on providers’ internal workflow issues, process flaws, and technology weaknesses. If providers fail to establish sophisticated audit management processes, they are likely to encounter operational and financial performance issues, which greatly affect their bottom line.

Attendees will learn:

  1. Best practices for handling the significant rise in audits (both government and commercial) and minimizing their impact on revenue.
  2. How to reduce risk and increase profitability and predictability.
  3. Practical ways to minimize the complexity of trending concurrent audits, denials, and appeals to understand patterns affecting revenue.

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