Protect revenue by understanding
and addressing financial risks

SSI Compliance Management Benefits

With SSI Compliance Management, your organization can…

  • Establish proactive strategies to reduce financial risks
  • Minimize lost revenue opportunities
  • Accurately collect from payers
  • Forecast future revenue impact to prepare, or negotiate, contract changes

SSI Compliance Management Products

SSI Audit Director

The recent rise in regulatory and commercial payer audits threatens providers’ revenue and creates costly administrative burdens for facilities. With SSI Audit Director, providers can ensure timely filing with a workflow tool that tracks existing, and incoming, audits and protects revenue with complete visibility into audit-associated revenue risks. By adopting an offensive approach to the audit process, healthcare organizations can conquer audits and minimize the impact on their bottom line.

With the solution, audit requests can be moved electronically to various departments within an organization, while supporting documents can be scanned and attached.

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With SSI Audit Director, your organization can:

  • Quantify risk and gain insight into the root cause of problems
  • Reduce future take-backs and protect revenue
  • Automate workflow to simplify compliance with audit requests
  • Accelerate audit resolution by improving documentation requests and tracking documentation necessary for successful appeals
  • Utilize electronic submission of medical documentation (esMD)

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SSI Contract Director

Convoluted payment terms, complicated contractual jargon, emerging payment models – payer practices in today’s healthcare landscape are certainly not designed for easy or accurate payment to providers. With SSI Contract Director, providers can hold payers accountable for their contractual obligations and protect revenue otherwise at risk. Using this tool, healthcare organizations can more accurately collect from payers and forecast future revenue impact to appropriately prepare for, or negotiate, changes.

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SSI Contract Director is a robust solution that automatically reviews for payment accuracy and updates, based on rules built into the system. Users have the means to easily and graphically model contracts through simple drag-and-drop functionality. Additionally, the system’s forecasting capabilities enable providers to foresee the impact of proposed contract changes on their revenue.

With SSI Contract Director, your organization can:

  • Understand the payments that should be received based on contract terms
  • Ensure proper payment from payers
  • Strategize for payer contract negotiation
  • Plan for revenue impact of proposed contract changes
  • Identify and recover underpaid reimbursements

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