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How SSI Analytics Became Part of Nebraska Medicine’s Winning Team.

Learn how Nebraska Medicine, the most comprehensive and esteemed health network in the Omaha region, reclaimed and reallocated one full FTE in just 90 days on the SSI Claims Analytics platform.

Patient Payment Planning • Data Sheets

SSI uses FIM to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) access to various systems and applications.

As patient financial responsibility and the adoption of high deductible health plans increase, patients are becoming one of the largest payers in the healthcare landscape.

Access Director • Data Sheets

Patient Data Validation

Now, more than ever before, providers are required to operate under thinning margins and stretched internal resources. In today’s healthcare landscape, every penny counts and setting the tone for a strong revenue cycle begins with a provider’s Patient Access team.

Federated Identity Management • Data Sheets

SSI uses FIM to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) access to various systems and applications.

Once configuration has taken place, testing is complete, and a user has performed an initial login to an SSI solution, the user is able to access the solution without performing additional authentication.

Access Director • Data Sheets

Maximize payment for service

In healthcare, the pressure on financial executives exists from all angles. An increase in patient financial responsibility, growth in bad debt, need to reduce operating costs – together, these factors demand a more proactive approach to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Claims Analytics • Data Sheets

Work smarter, not harder in revenue cycle and measure your impact

With mounting pressure on healthcare providers’ margins, it has become imperative for organizations to fine tune revenue cycle performance. Revenue leakage, bad practices, workflow inefficiencies…

ASC Analytics • Data Sheets

Easily gather and analyze information necessary for successful ambulatory surgery center operations

As with many healthcare organizations today, ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) have been hit hard by decreasing reimbursements, strict reporting criteria and lack of adequate resources to address the increasing demands of the healthcare industry.

Audit Director • Data Sheets

Conquer payer audits with ease to minimize impact on the bottom line

The recent rise in regulatory and commercial payer audits threatens providers’ revenue and creates costly administrative burdens for facilities. While hospitals have historically relied on error-prone manual processes to manage audits and prepare responses, the current healthcare…

CareAlign Exchange • Data Sheets

Supporting care coordination and population management

The adoption of solutions to empower Communities of Care [aka Healthcare Information Exchange] is driven by the need of healthcare organizations to facilitate the access and retrieval of clinical data to provide safer, timelier, efficient and effective patient centered care.

Client Success • Data Sheets

Elevate your partnership with SSI through quality support, training, and communication

Customer service is an important part of any successful partnership – that’s why we refer to it as “client success.” SSI is committed to establishing a relationship with every client to provide the communication, support, and flexibility necessary to…

Contract Director • Data Sheets

Ensure payment accuracy with a contract checks-and-balances system

In an already demanding environment for healthcare providers, payers continue to add challenges to the mix. Payment models especially have become more complex, as the industry moves away from fee-for-service models and adopts…

Document Mgmt System • Data Sheets

Capture and control critical documents across your organization

Even with today’s technology, the volume of paperwork at many provider organizations is often unmanageable. To establish a secure system and efficient workflow, healthcare organizations require a…

Professional Services • Data Sheets

Let SSI help you harness the full potential of your people, processes, and technology

In times of decreased resources and tightening budgets, providers must take every step possible to maximize resources and reduce risk in revenue cycle operations. With SSI Professional Services, healthcare organizations can begin to accomplish this objective…

Claims Director • Data Sheets

Elevate your claims management process with extensive edits and an industry-leading clean claim rate.

In the midst of changing reimbursement models, health reform, and thinning margins, providers struggle to maximize claim reimbursements and minimize denials. Further exacerbating the issue is that many facilities still utilize multiple, disparate systems…

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