Supporting care coordination
and population management

SSI CareAlign Exchange Benefits

With SSI CareAlign Exchange, your organization can…

  • Increase efficiencies in the workflow process
    • Immediate two-way communication among caregivers achieves a new level of care coordination
  • Inform and enlighten critical medical decisions
    • Caregivers can access a comprehensive view of the patient’s clinical history.
  • Improve data quality and time efficiencies
    • In a recent study, CareAlign Exchange achieved a 30% reduction in the time required to abstract data with complete, accurate information

SSI CareAlign Exchange

With SSI CareAlign Exchange, healthcare organizations have a proven technology to share clinical information and engage in two-way communication across the entire continuum of care. The solution enables authorized users for covered entities (providers and payers) to see a complete picture of patient exhibited conditions and the treatments received.

SSI CareAlign Exchange enables robust interoperability solutions that include secure HIPAA-compliant direct messaging regardless of the technology, geography, or the diversity of providers involved.

Product Data Sheet

SSI CareAlign Exchange offers:

  • Technology: CareAlign Exchange works with any Meaningful Use-certified EHR technology and even for clinicians without EHR.
  • Geography: Information flows from within and across states nationwide.
  • Diversity of Providers: Information can be shared between and among hospitals, primary care physicians, specialists, care coordinators, nursing homes, home health providers, skilled nursing facilities and rehab centers.

Additional Functionality

SSI CareAlign Insights

By collecting information from disparate sources into a single database, CareAlign Insight aggregates, analyzes and enriches clinical information for more effective population health management. This robust data intelligence solution empowers healthcare providers, who can:

  • Identify patients on the verge of becoming high utilizers of healthcare services, triggering an early intervention when treatments are more effective and cost-efficient.
  • Accurately measure care quality and cost savings, and identify improvement opportunities
  • Leverage data to improve clinical decision-making and increase intelligence system-wide
  • Evaluation specific medical actions to determine effectiveness and calculate the actual value of actions, refining medical protocols to improve both health outcomes and efficiencies.

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