Over a 99.9% clean claims acceptance rate
with our trading partners and payers

Clearinghouse/Gateway Services Benefits

With SSI Clearinghouse/Gateway Services, your organization benefits from…

  • Access to 1,627 payer connections
  • Nearly 200,000 edits
  • Payer acceptance rate of 99.98%
  • Working with one partner to simplify the complex, bring efficiency to your processes, and, most importantly, reduce costs

SSI Clearinghouse/Gateway Services Products

SSI EDI Clearinghouse

With over 1,627 payer connections and over 200,000 built-in edits, it is clear why greater than one-third of the U.S. hospital market has chosen the SSI EDI Clearinghouse to handle their claim submission and processing. Organizations can submit HIPAA transactions in real-time or batch to commercial and government payers, including Medicare and Medicaid; check eligibility and benefits (270/271), file medical claims (837P and I), receive electronic remittance (835), review claim status (276/277), and submit authorizations and referrals (278).

SSI Payer Managed Gateway

SSI Payer Managed Gateway functions as an extension of your EDI/IT department to ensure claims are complete, accurate and standardized appropriately for your system.

SSI Payer Managed Gateway provides a robust engine with customized business rules, edits and validations specific to each payer’s needs, enabling organizations to receive claims in the exact format necessary for their system to auto-adjudicate. With the solution, payers gain the ability to accept claims not only directly from providers, but from all clearinghouses, thereby reducing the need to maintain those connections independently.

With SSI Payer Managed Gateway, your organization can…

  • Eliminate the lag time between claims submission and payer acceptance
  • Minimize the expenses normally associated with claim submission and payment
  • Simplify the claim standardization process
  • Streamline your administrative process and reduce administrative cost

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SSI Document Management

SSI Document Management is an enterprise content management solution organizations can use to conduct business by shifting from paper-based to electronic document processing. The solution can benefit almost any area of the revenue cycle, and easily integrates with existing systems to provide a seamless process for the various departments within an organization. Through customizable workflows, Document Management makes it easy for documents to move instantly from one business area to another, eliminating interoffice mail delays and lost documents. With Document Management, necessary information is available to users simply with the touch of a few keys.

Product Data Sheet

With SSI Document Management, your organization, can:

  • Streamline business office, admissions, medical records and registration department workflows
  • Reduce the costs and delays associated with document handling, storage and retrieval
  • Automate the process of requesting, capturing, filing and sending documents
  • Retrieve necessary information instantly

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