More than just a clearinghouse, SSI Claimsnet is your managed gateway for all incoming claims – regardless of format.

HIPAA standardization processes exist but aren’t always adhered to. SSI Claimsnet functions as an extension to your EDI/IT department to ensure claims are complete, accurate and standardized appropriately for your system.

SSI Claimsnet was the first company to introduce real-time healthcare transaction processing services over the Internet. The solution offers a highly secure connection and scalable Internet architecture that speeds deployment and minimizes expenses associated with claim submission and payment. Rather than simply re-routing claims, SSI Claimsnet acts as an extension of a payer’s EDI or IT department to complete the work your team would otherwise be required to do.

Claimsnet provides a robust engine with customized business rules, edits and validations specific to each payer’s needs, enabling organizations to receive claims in the exact format necessary for their system to auto-adjudicate. With the solution, payers gain the ability to accept claims not only directly from providers, but from all clearinghouses, thereby reducing the need to maintain those connections independently.

With SSI Claimsnet, your organization can…

  • Eliminate the lag time between claims submission and payer acceptance
  • Minimize the expenses normally associated with claim submission and payment
  • Simplify the claim standardization process
  • Streamline your administrative process and reduce administrative costs

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