Billing 4.5 Preview

06.14.17 • Webinars

Presenter: Trish Rivard, Interim Claims Management Product Management

This spring, SSI is excited to offer new capabilities with our Billing 4.5 release. Our Product team will walk you through new functionality designed to further optimize your claim submission process so you can get paid faster. We will discuss three highlights of Billing 4.5 release which will enable you to:

  • Reduce manual effort to work rejections with new Payer Rejection Reporting Ensure all claim are filed with Timely Filing Indicators-
  • Catch potential denials or rejections for eligibility issues before the claim is submitted with Pre-Billing Eligibility

This webinar will also review enterprise reporting capabilities and discuss functionality slated for release later in 2017.

Attendees will learn:

  1. Overview of new features/functionality available with the Billing 4.5 Release
    • Rejection Reports
    • Timely Filing Indicators
    • Pre Billing Eligibility
  2. Timing and criteria for Billing 4.5 functionality

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