Measure, identify and improve upon your
strategic and operational performance goals

SSI Analytics Benefits

With SSI Analytics, your organization can…

  • Visually interact with data for easier insight into ambulatory surgery center or revenue cycle operations
  • Quickly access key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze financial performance
  • Easily identify trends and analyze historical data to identify problem areas within an organization

SSI Analytics Products

SSI Claims Analytics

Claims Analytics allows users to measure, identify, and improve upon strategic and operational performance goals, while fostering a deeper understanding of their organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Through reporting capabilities, providers can get a complete view of the revenue cycle to accelerate cash flow and address their most critical challenges. Achieve the visibility necessary for your organization’s decision makers to hone in on primary revenue cycle drivers with specific, customized views based on your interests. The application helps answer many of the critical questions that lead to process improvement and provides direction regarding the future opportunities that should be pursued.

Product Data Sheet

With SSI Claims Analytics, your organization can:

  • Accelerate cash flow by pinpointing payers above and below KPI thresholds
  • Develop an understanding of revenue cycle “drivers” to recognize more revenue and decrease operational costs
  • Minimize denials by examining the cause of issues and responding appropriately
  • Reap the benefits of a responsive platform that allows user to access data anyplace, anytime, anywhere, and with any device – no app necessary; SSI Claims Analytics is an in-memory solution, with quick and efficient processing

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ASC Analytics

SSI ASC Analytics provides ambulatory surgery centers with an expansive suite of intuitive analytics, reports and dashboards, which can easily be utilized by staff at nearly every experience level. From a nurse administrator to an analytics guru, SSI ASC Analytics engages users and takes the guesswork (and intimidation) out of business intelligence. The solution helps guide organizations to their most pressing issues and enables them to drill down for a comprehensive view. In an industry with continuously changing requirements, SSI ASC Analytics provides surgery centers with the perspective necessary to make better business decisions and allocate resources to top priorities.

Product Data Sheet

With SSI ASC Analytics, your organization can…

  • Measure ambulatory surgery center key performance
    indicators (KPI)
  • View comparative benchmarking to evaluate objectives and make informed business decisions
  • Analyze receivables and cost effectiveness
  • Monitor medical staff performance
  • Quickly and easily maintain compliance with required state, regional or regulatory reporting criteria
  • Identify opportunities for facility growth and operational improvements
  • Automate shareholder and board reports

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