Two-Minute Drill: Analytics in ASCs

03.20.18 • Webinars • 3:00 PM EST

Presenter: Will Israel – Senior Product Manager

The standard practice at Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) has often been to just “do more cases.” But it’s more important to understand the value of the cases being done – an act that often involves examining costs, time, and, ultimately, profitability. Given that almost everyone in the ASC industry wears many hats, it’s critical to be able to bring this picture into focus quickly. In this session, we will talk about expedient evaluation plans for how to maximize profitability.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  1. Digest data quickly – and thoroughly
  2. Glean actionable insight for optimal performance and profitability
  3. Evaluate current practices to develop operational improvement plans

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